Since the very beginning, India has been known as the land of spices; that produces spice which is exported to the rest of the world. Given their exquisite aroma, taste, quality, texture, and medicinal value, Indian spices makes as one of the most in-demand commodity in the world.

At Mirchillion, we take you on an experiential culinary journey with some of our key Indian and International Spices and herbs picked under strict quality policy and specialized packaging ensuring the aroma and flavour are retained for a long time.

Chili Powder

Sourced from the finest farms of India, our variety of Chili powder packs more than a punch.
Lending a bright red colour and balanced pungency, we have a variant that’s right for every dish.

Chili Flakes

A variety of dried red chilis ground just right to give the flaky roughness in your dishes. Striking a balance between heat, flavour, and texture, Mirchillion chili flakes lends a perfect kick to your soups, salads, pastas, pizzas, dips, and more.

Turmeric Powder

Apart from its innumerable health and nutrition benefits, Mirchillion turmeric is known to add a touch of gold with its peppery flavour, earthy aroma, and warm hue not only to curries, and biryanis, but also to your every day dose of warm glass of milk!

Coriander Powder

A nutty fragrant spice that lends a distinct citrusy flavour in many authentic Indian dishes, Mirchillion coriander is made from the finest quality dried coriander seeds. Roasted to perfection to release its aromatic oils and ground into husky powder, this product is sure to
elevate the flavors of your dal, sambar, chutneys, and gravies.


Mirhcillion imports premium quality dried herbs such as Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil to bring the international flavours to your kitchen. Carefully handpicked, processed and packed, variety of herbs that offers a true taste of cuisines from around the


Mirchillion Seasoning sprinklers makes for an essential at every fun meal out there! Be it Pizzas or Pastas, Garlic Breads or Nachos, Wraps, Rolls, Sandwiches and Salads, our Pizza and Peri Peri Seasoning is a tantalizing union of herbs and spices to take the flavour of your every international dishe to the next level.